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From Breakdown to Breakthrough: A Story of Inclusion is a 30-minute documentary that tracks a team of 12 runners from very different walks of life that come together to participate in a grueling 200 mile relay. But athletics is not the focus of the documentary. Rather it’s the catalyst for teaching and discussing four themes: leadership, diversity and inclusion, disability, and team building.

Not just an interesting documentary, this is a training program! A Facilitator’s Guide has been designed with four separate 90-minute modules that focus on each of these themes. Included in the individual modules are participant activities, discussion questions, facilitator script, PowerPoint™ slides, handouts, and a suggested reading list. Recommended class size is 15-40 participants. The DVD comes with one Facilitator’s Guide with four separate modules (PDF format), a Participant Workbook for each of the four modules (PDF format), a PowerPoint™ slide show for each of the four modules and the film documentary (DVD). A Participant Workbook has been designed to accompany each of the four modules. The workbooks include copies of the PowerPoint™ slides, handouts and a suggested reading list.

The cost for this comprehensive package is $795 (includes shipping and handling), a onetime price that allows you to make as many copies of the material as you need. For an additional $75 we will include the Facilitator’s Guide printed in color with tabs in a 3-ring binder.

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Our Books

I Can See Clearly
Not just another book on leadership! Steve Hanamura’s latest book is intended to show consulting_icsc_bookleaders and decision makers’ new possibilities for leading a diverse workforce. The power of personal stories is the catalyst to introduce creative thinking on how to address workplaces challenges and insure that all members of society become contributing members of the workforce. Blind from birth, Steve uses disability metaphors to teach leadership principles that can supplement best practices in business, transformational thinking, and ideas and strategies for creating a positive workplace climate.

"Steve Hanamura looks at inclusion and leadership from an eclectic view-a bit of common sense, known best practices, and practical wisdom. But, most of all, I enjoyed and learned from the many compelling stories of his personal experiences that flavor the book. The experiences are transparent and revealing, humorous, and always incredibly insightful and applicable to us all."
- Julie O’Mara, co-author Managing Workforce 2000, Gaining the Diversity Advantage

"I Can See Clearly provides practical and illuminating insights into leadership behaviors that will bring out the best in individual and team performance. Steve's engaging stories based on his personal and professional experiences illustrate useful coaching tips and approaches in a manner that is accessible for a variety of audiences."
- Deborah Dagit, Executive Director, Diversity and Work Environment, Merck & Co., Inc

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In Search of Vision
Steve Hanamura has a unique way of integrating life's experiences into applications for both home and bookfrontscansmallbusiness. All aspects of his life as a single parent, a blended-family parent/spouse, a Christian, a blind person and a corporate consultant are woven together to teach some breakthrough concepts about the process of living and working together. Steve demonstrates how his own life has been affected through understanding the importance of humility and surrendering his life to accomplish God's purpose. The book is thought provoking, motivational and inspirational.

"Steve is one of the most inspirational , motivational, and innovative people I have ever met. he has taken a negative situation in his life and turned it into something beautiful."
–Dusty Baker, Former Manager San Francisco Giants

"A thoughtful book. It could change your life. Read it and give it to your friends."
–Dr. Steve Brown, Key Life Network, Inc.

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