Our Services

“I enjoy the opportunity to serve a wide variety of individuals and organizations and have found that no matter how different we are, there are still common denominators from which we can learn to become more inclusive of one another.” — Steve Hanamura


  • Assist organizations to create a strategic vision for the future
  • Facilitate participants to manage and lead groups through the change process
  • Increase individual and organizational effectiveness to work with people with disabilities
  • Learn how to manage conflict from multiple cross cultural perspectives

Individual and Organizational Facilitation

  • Address issues that relate to mission, vision and values of the organization
  • Study the impact of style differences within work groups
  • Assist individuals and organizations to become innovative in how they meet challenges
  • Explore how to maximize employee buy-in while striving for organizational goals and objectives

Executive Coaching

  • Assist senior leaders to develop and enroll others to create a vision for the future
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for employees when developing new initiatives
  • Assist executives to integrate diversity and inclusion with other business imperatives
  • Guide executives to create professional development plans

Training workshop topics

  • Leading inclusive teams from diverse perspectives
  • Reducing bias in the workplace
  • Leading and inspiring others
  • Leading and managing change