What People are saying

Some speakers provide inspiration, others inform, still others entertain. Steve Hanamura does it all. He brings to every engagement a natural and spontaneous speaking ability, a passion for and commitment to creating a truly inclusive world, and a depth of knowledge honed, not only through his own life experience, but through decades of working with clients of all descriptions. All this not only enthralls audiences, but creates a significant shift of perspective that leaves them better people who are more capable of sustaining better workplaces.” Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D. Author of 3 Keys to Defeating Unconcious Bias: Watch, Think, Act

“Blind since birth, Steve challenges his audiences to look at things that are truly beyond our view. ‘When you see someone standing in front of you,’ he asks, ‘what do you really see? Do you stop and think about the possibility that there is much more that makes up who this person really is?'” Joel Marks, consulting producer

I was the CIO for a $10B Division of a Fortune 50 company during a period of significant change.  Steve worked with our team for about a year guiding us through the change process. His understanding of our needs and willingness to become deeply involved with us during this critical time had a significant impact on our ability to successfully transition and to “bring the team with us.”  The experience, insights, and ability to influence are major assets that Steve and Hanamura Consulting bring to their clients.” Dick Layton, former CEO, Vanguard Business Solutions

Across many years and many projects — covering diversity, coaching, small and large group development — Steve has consistently been an excellent resource. Interestingly, I would best describe Steve as incredibly insightful. Highly recommend him as a partner for positive change.” Han Nachtrieb, VP for Human Resources, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

“Steve and I have worked together with many clients for more than 20 years. He dedicates himself to serving the client’s needs, combining his multiple talents with what will work best for the client. Steve has the ability to get across deep, complex concepts and information through his wonderful stories that elucidate a point engaging participants in the learning so that it is memorable, and people are able to apply that learning.” Julie O’Mara, President, O’Mara and Associates

“I’ve known and worked with Steve for over 15 years and during that time he’s come to be much more than a colleague. He’s a genuine friend. He is a masterful presenter and keynote speaker, one of the most highly rated we’ve had at our national conferences. Steve is an inspiring person who brings new insight and wisdom to the diversity and inclusion dialogue. As a consultant he is, at the same time, uplifting, innovative, challenging and rewarding. He makes you think about the real connections between a truly inclusive environment and the success of your organization. He makes organizations better!” Mike Streeter, Executive Director, Workforce Diversity Network Inc.